Finland 2016 – Day 3

Our Morning Adventures
As we didn’t have organised activities until the evening, we spent the day exploring the surrounding areas. We decied to re-visit the wildreness kota from the previous night, to see what it looked like during the day, but we nearly walked past it as it was covered in snow.

Aurora Hunting by Snowmobile
In the evening we went Aurora Hunting by snowmobile. After a 15km ride through the dark forest, we stopped at a kota for more berry juice and Lappish biscuits. We were then struck by good fortune as the cloud broke just long enough to give us sight of the Northern Lights.

Cloud Spotting by the Frozen Lake
After arrival back at the hotel we popped down to the frozen lake and got a few interesting shots of the Aurora Borealis behind the clouds. We stayed out till about 1am but the strong winds preventing the cloud from breaking any further.