Finland 2016 – Day 2

Our Morning Walk
On our stroll around the frozen lake, we decided to build a snowman who we call ‘SNOWY’. He was still there in the evening despite all the children running about in the snow.

Reindeer Safari
We spent the afternoon with some reindeer who took us on a safari through a nearby forest by sleigh. The reindeer pulling the sleigh behind us was very energetic and continuosly tried overtaking us. We decided to call him ‘CLAUS’. He is very distinctive as he only has one antler in the middle of his head. After a short but informative lecture on reindeer, we got the chance to feed the female reindeer and theri calves before heading back to the hotel.

Dinner in a Wilderness Kota
As the clouds rolled in and after checking on the vitality of SNOWY, we walked to to the Wilderness Kota for a traditional Lappish meal, cooked on an open fire. It consisted of vegetarian soup and bread, hot smoked salmon with mixed vegetables, potatoes and remoulade sauce, followed by tea/coffee and berry cake with cream!