My Easter visit to Upton House and Garden National Trust

Today Mummy, Daddy and I went on a National Trust trip to Upton House and Gardens for an Easter treat. When we arrived, we were met by Nanna M who was free to visit with us. After loading up my buggy with a picnic and various items of ‘baby luggage’, which seems to follow me around, we went exploring through the grounds. I was very glad of my buggy’s suspension as it was a little bumpy, especially when we went off-roading on our way down the hill after the orchard. We had lunch by the reflecting pool, and I enjoyed relaxing in Nanna M’s arms. Daddy asked another parent if there was a better route back up the hill, which there was, and I enjoyed being carried around the house. Upton House and Grounds used to belong to the Chairman of Shell, and it was very grand inside with lots of interesting architecture… Yawn… Daddy took so many photos that I fell asleep. The volunteers are building a replica of the house as a dollhouse, and the detail was amazing. After our trip round the house we all sat down in the shade and I had another bite to eat. The weather was fantastic, and I enjoyed being outside all day. I was worn out from all the sun and fresh air, so after a final cuddle with Nanna M, I slept all the way home in the car. At home I posed for a photo with my new dolly, which has my name embroidered on its skirt, and I will need to choose a name for her… How is ‘gurgle’ for the moment?