Madeira 2017 – Day 2

Morning Sunrise from our Hotel pool deck
Another early start today, but sunrise was worth it, and a great breakfast!

Levada do Rei Walk
After breakfast, we headed off to the North side of the island to walk to the source of the ‘Levada do Rei’. The levada network is the country’s irrigation system and is over 2000km long. Along the route there was a waterfall, that we walked under, and we also came across a blockage that was being cleared after an overnight landslide.

Evening with folklore
Dinner was at a local restaurant that serves beef cooked on skewers which is hung in front of you. The final flare before we served ourselves was a small piece of paper containing garlic butter, being wrapped around the very hot skewer, so that the garlic butter dripped over the beef. The entertainment included dancing, which we got to take part in, and traditional singing.