Finland 2016 – Day 7

Husky Safari
Our last full day in Finland saw us head out with a team of Huskies. We had full control over our own sled and traveled over 10km with our team. The ride was quite bumpy but it was amazing how well the dogs could pull the sled. Max was stood on the break most of the time just to stay in control. As you can see from the pictures of Noeleene we experienced quite a high ‘wind chill factor’ whilst out, with some of Noeleene’s hair freezing. We were then shown arround the Husky farm and met some of the dogs and puppies.

Local Exploring
We also visited the Ice Chapel that had been constructed for Chrsitmas. There were some amazing ice and snow carvings of bears with some candle holders made from ice too. Cloud cover prevented the northern lights from being seen, but with an early start on the following day, we were relieved.