Finland 2016 – Day 6

Walking in a Winter Wonderland
On Christmas morning we woke to find four inches of fresh snow so we went for a wander. The snow had settled onto pretty much eveyrthing making the area very festive.

Snowshoe Hike in National Park
We spent the afternoon hiking in the Luosto National Park. The use of snowshoes enabled us to explore more of the surrounding forest as we were able to trudge through deep snow. We stopped for lunch at a wilderness kota, where our guide lit a fire. After lunch, we ascended up a steep slope which was hard going but rewarded us with some great views over the lake.

Aurora Borealis
Once again we headed out after dinner with hope, and were duly rewarded with a fantastic show of dancing lights. We got some iteresting shots of the Aurora behind clouds. The hotel also put on an impromptu fireworks display, however we didn’t get our camera into the right settings quickly enough.