Finland 2016 – Day 7

Our last full day in Finland saw us head out with a team of Huskies. We had full control over our own sled and traveled over 10km with our team. We also visited the Ice Chapel that had been constructed for Chrsitmas. Cloud cover prevented the norhtern lights from beeing seen, but with an early start the next morning to get to the airport we were a little relieved. Continue reading 

Finland 2016 – Day 6

On Christmas morning we woke to find four inches of fresh snow so we went for a wander. We spent the afternoon hiking in the Luosto National Park. The use of snowshoes enabled us to explore more of the surrounding forest as we were able to trudge through deep snow. Once again we headed out after dinner with hope, and were duly rewarded with a fantastic show of dancing lights. Continue reading 

Finland 2016 – Day 5

We had the day to ourselves today as Christmas is celebrated on the 24th December in Finland. We spent the day sledging and walking, as well as attending a Christmas quiz and games evening in a nearby kota. Due to the light snow storms and heavy cloud cover, viewing the northern lights was tricky this evening. Continue reading 

Finland 2016 – Day 3

As we didn’t have organised activities until the evening, we spent the day exploring the surrounding areas. In the evening we went Aurora Hunting by snowmobile and got lucky as we saw the Northern Lights. After arrival back at the hotel we popped down to the frozen lake and got a few interesting shots of the Aurora Borealis behind the clouds. Continue reading 

Finland 2016 – Day 2

After a late night we spent the morning taking a gentle snowy stroll around a frozen lake. The afternoon was spent in the company of some wild reindeer. In the evening we walked to a wilderness kota where we had a traditional Lappish dinner cooked on an open fire. Heavy cloud cover prevented us from seeing the aurora borealis clearly but we could see green tinge in the clouds. Continue reading 

Finland 2016 – Day 1

After a 3am (GMT) wake up, a three and a half hour flight, a two hour bus ride and an hour of getting dressed appropriately to accomodate the freezing temperatures, we ventured out at midnight (UTC+2) and were delighted by the magnificent northern lights show in Luosto. Continue reading 

Garden Visitor

Noeleene saw a flash of brown in the garden and shouted ‘Max look, get the camera!’ – we then spent the next 30 minutes watching this chap march up and down our garden. He even inspected the inside of our raised bed! Continue reading 

New camera testing – Nikon D3300

As we are headed to Finland this Christmas, we have bought a new camera as we would like to get some good shots of the Northern Lights. These pictures were taken with the Nikon D3300 using two different lenses.
Lens 1: Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-P VR
Lens 2: Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di LD Macro (Nikon AF) Continue reading